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Tranquility of Space

Practicing the “deep tranquility of space” as a “walking around” exercise. When I walked outside, I noticed it was quite windy; gusts of wind pushed on me and tossed my hair, and made the leaves around me dance with a loud whooshing. At first, this felt like an “impediment” to my practice, but then I

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Embodying Space (A Guided TSK Inquiry)

Embodying Space is a guided meditation that I use in one of my favorite and most popular JFKU courses, Paradigms of Consciousness.  Originally created in collaboration with Dr. Stephen Randall, the Embodying Space meditation is based on several “space” exercises from the Time-Space-Knowledge vision.  It invites participants on a participatory journey to explore and transform

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Space & Imagination

One of the approaches TSK encourages is speculation and imagination. In passages about Space through various texts, one image that is mentioned, and has seemed to be of interest to me, is the notion that the whole universe coming into being could not happen without Space. In some respects, there is this feeling of awe

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What do I have to do with the sky?      It doesn’t drape me           With a living curtain like the sea,      Doesn’t open me to coral           Or to moving shoals                 Dense      With the calligraphic           Passages of streaming fish, It’s just the sky,      It’s hard to read,           Easier

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