Center for Creative Inquiry



What do I have to do with the sky?

     It doesn’t drape me

          With a living curtain like the sea,

     Doesn’t open me to coral

          Or to moving shoals


     With the calligraphic

          Passages of streaming fish,

It’s just the sky,

     It’s hard to read,

          Easier to feel


As it reveals my nostrils

     At the start of a breath,

          Or my richly nimble tongue

     As it wrestles the air into a note,

          Just saying this

               Draws me

     Closer to a patch of sunlight

On our kitchen’s maple island,

      I blow a breath out to it,

          The warmth trembles,

My face is now alive with light,

     My heart welcomes my lips,

          My brow furrows

     With a low key rambling joy,


I find myself at sea with a feeling sense

      Of the pooling realm I am,

           Wavering softly

                 Coal branches

           Are the volume

Enhancements of a day of light,

        The schools of sensations

             Drench our throats with song,

  Here they come again, the whole

       Fleeting array,

             Down to its ever darkening depths,

       Up to the sunlit blossoming

             Cloudless blueness of the sky.

Image by TanteTati from Pixabay