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The goal of this publication is to share the journeys of our authors and creators as they explore their experience. We present writings, reflections and artistic pieces to inspire new ideas, new explorations, and new questions, sparking opportunities to tap into the richness and multidimensionality of experience.  

Every work presented here is a work in progress, because creative inquiry never settles on a final answer. We embrace the unfolding of insight without being bound by its conclusions. This is a playground, where creators and viewers can enjoy knowledge, celebrate its appearance, and move with the flow: what is my experience as I engage this piece? Is it changing? How do I know?

person climbing a rope

The Hook of Purpose

When we are mindful of our goal and aware of the present moment, our concentration links our energy to the momentum of time, effortlessly sustaining

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The narrative unfolding of the self’s story amounts to an ongoing agreement the self makes with itself for the purpose of witnessing its own identity

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Inquiry Comes First

When we fail to question the basic framework within which we are operating—when we do not even recognize that we could call it into question—we

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Collection: Reality Painting

If reality was like a painting, would you try to enter the imaginary space of the painting, or would you pull aside the canvas to catch the painter in the act of creation?

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Van Gogh painting
Reality Painting

A Painter’s Cave

Think of a painter as someone who attempts to capture reality. Not in a way that is most truthful to pure and plain existence, but

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Illustration of Sequoia tree rings
Reality Painting

The Chain & Within

All art is a process of capturing the past, the present and the future in one moment. It’s a conversation I’m involved in. The more I listen, the more it opens.

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Submissions to New Perspectives on Creative Inquiry is accepted via our quarterly themed contests as well as on a rolling basis. Please visit our submission portal to send your materials. 

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