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New Perspectives through Creative Inquiry

The goal of this publication is to share the journeys of our authors and creators as they explore their experience. We present writings, reflections and artistic pieces to inspire new ideas, new explorations, and new questions, sparking opportunities to tap into the richness and multidimensionality of experience.  

Every work presented here is a work in progress, because creative inquiry never settles on a final answer. We embrace the unfolding of insight without being bound by its conclusions. This is a playground, where creators and viewers can enjoy knowledge, celebrate its appearance, and move with the flow: what is my experience as I engage this piece? Is it changing? How do I know?



Hey, a long gone spell’s been cast away, Witch works kicked over the moon, No curses anywhere, No more unjust blame, Secret doubts, Harborings of

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Space & Imagination

One of the approaches TSK encourages is speculation and imagination. In passages about Space through various texts, one image that is mentioned, and has seemed

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Collection: Reflections of the Moon

For our first call for submissions to New Perspectives on Creative Inquiry, we asked our contributors to consider a passage adapted from Love of Knowledge, a book

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Reflections of the Moon

The Many Faces of Time

My grandfather clock (not my grandfather’s, but named for the technology of another era) has stopped working well. It runs for a while and then

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Reflections of the Moon

Reflection of the Moon

Description of Work: Reflection of the Moon, 18″ x 23″, blue pigments in beeswax glaze binder. Description of Process: The center is spared as pure

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Reflections of the Moon

Reflection of Moon

Reflection of Moon is a dynamic piece reflecting the energy of the moon emitting light. It is enhanced by the movement of the clouds and vibrant orange color of the moon.

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Reflections of the Moon

Moon Glit*ch

Moon Glit*ch was inspired by the Reflections of the Moon quote. The melody shows continual changes throughout, but at the same time gives a sense of familiarity

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Motivation for Practice

My Motivation to Study TSK

An old friend of mine was recently written up in the Albuquerque Journal because he has been a pie baking judge at the State Fair

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Submissions to New Perspectives on Creative Inquiry is accepted via our quarterly themed contests as well as on a rolling basis. Please visit our submission portal to send your materials. 

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