Center for Creative Inquiry

Wondering Wanderer


glamorous painter
painting a reality
changing at your will

through your eyes, 

let me see

the paints of your artistic world

metaphysical being, 

show me the true nature of everything 

things of the universe,

beyond my senses

i can’t perceive 

sketch the designs in my mind, 

of the perpetual cosmos

don’t block my soul with filtered lenses 

show me what i can’t see 

i know the possibilities are endless

i beg you 

let me know 

what the reasons behind everything are

so many obscure things you need to show

why you paint things the way they exist, 

i don’t know 

until then i will waver and wander in your painting 

trying to make sense of your creative mess

don’t let me spend my life questioning my existence 

come whisper to my astral body 

don’t keep a distance

Description of Work:

My work is a poem starting with a haiku introduction.

Description of Process:

Wondering Wanderer is a poem I wrote one sleep deprived night thinking of the question about if reality were a painting. The words just came to me, spawning instantaneously in my mind. After a few short modifications, it was ready. I had been suffering with writer’s block for a while. The question was thought-provoking and I had been thinking about it for a few days. When the words started flowing at 4 am, I was excited and proud to write something I thought was beautiful. My goal recently has been to be a writer and this is a work I am proud of.

About the Author:

Halid Herrera

My name is Halid Herrera. I am a freshman in high school with wide-ranging interests, poetry being one of them. I like how words can be powerful and beautiful. I hope to one day write amazing songs and poems that can invoke thought and emotion in people. I enjoy experiencing and creating works of art in many forms.