Center for Creative Inquiry


Wondering Wanderer

glamorous painter painting a reality changing at your will through your eyes,  let me see the paints of your artistic world metaphysical being,  show me the true nature of everything  things of the universe, beyond my senses i can’t perceive  sketch the designs in my mind,  of the perpetual cosmos don’t block my soul with …

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Creating the illusion of space
When painting
Matter of shades.

Recognizing the illusion in space
When living
Matter of practice.

Colored pencil abstract drawing

Reality Feinting

the canvas is a perfect sphere about four feet in diameter floating over the floor of my studio   that i don’t have a studio or have ever seen a canvas sphere let alone one floating three feet over the paint-spattered marble floor doesn’t matter because   this is a dream   the painter i …

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Inward Time

moving towards the back of the body down, in velvety texture whatever is defined, gathered, described – moving into that travelling through starscape; knowledge pulsing entering the travelling itself entering the entering very still; very swift Image by jplenio from Pixabay