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What Is It Like To Experience?

Remembering Sogyal Rinpoche saying, “Your experience will not enlighten you.” And suddenly the words fly apart Diving into the space of Y-O-U-R Entering molecules of  ‘Y’ But what is entering? Awareness Somewhere a sense of a mirror Gleaming, silvery; allowing and reflecting arising appearance Where does this sense of ‘I’ come from? Taught? Racially inherited? […]

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The narrative unfolding of the self’s story amounts to an ongoing agreement the self makes with itself for the purpose of witnessing its own identity and affirming its ownership over experience. —Tarthang Tulku, Love of Knowledge (Ch. 25) Consider carefully what happens when you pick up a good book. You open the cover with anticipation,

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Visions of Knowledge through Contemplation in Open Trance

A re-imagination by Jonathan Clewley, based on a yearlong study with Caroline Sherwood. Synopsis of a novel aid for Creative Inquiry Those who have not yet experienced the intellectual and experiential joy of reading Visions of Knowledge will, when they do, encounter a work that sits midway between the five main TSK volumes and the

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Embodying Space (A Guided TSK Inquiry)

Embodying Space is a guided meditation that I use in one of my favorite and most popular JFKU courses, Paradigms of Consciousness.  Originally created in collaboration with Dr. Stephen Randall, the Embodying Space meditation is based on several “space” exercises from the Time-Space-Knowledge vision.  It invites participants on a participatory journey to explore and transform

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