Center for Creative Inquiry

About CCI

The Center for Creative Inquiry was founded in 2000 to explore alternate forms of knowledge and inquiry and their potential to bring about fundamental change at the individual, cultural, and social level.

The Center for Creative Inquiry is inspired by and rooted in the Time, Space, Knowledge vision of Tibetan lama Tarthang Tulku. Cutting across disciplines, Center for Creative Inquiry aims to identify and challenge basic assumptions that limit the styles of knowing available to us, the methods we use, and the knowledge we can discover. 

We also seek to illuminate and liberate ourselves from hidden biases and from patterns at the systemic level that hinder our collective ability to thrive.

The creative inquiry approach is interactive, experiential, cooperative, and engaged. Never defined in advance, creative inquiry is also just plain fun: stimulating, surprising, and always new.

Creative inquiry is a way to find out who we are and what makes us tick. Knowledge becomes multidimensional, and new forms of understanding arise from moment to moment. Through active communities of inquiry, we can channel this new understanding into our own lives and into the social structures and shared perspectives of the culture we inhabit.

What We Do

Building community

We create communities of inquiry eager to explore the questions that move us most.

Teaching meditative practices

We teach practices that connect head with heart, mind with body, inviting practitioners to a place where knowledge is always new.

Sharing the TSK Vision

We seek to share a new vision of reality that can change our world.

Expanding limits

We encourage people everywhere to awaken to their birthright as free, knowledgeable beings, able to expand their horizons beyond what you or I or anyone can imagine, and beyond the limits imposed by societal systems.