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Great Space  

remains infinite, accommodates everything, and yet “sets up” nothing and does nothing.  

Great Time  

is not a “set up” or a mysterious force. It is the inseparable partner of Great Space, the other member of the primordial love affair.  

Great Knowledge  

is “everything”: subject and object, all unified in a way that involves neither parts nor whole, nor even a unifying process.

Time, Space, and Knowledge.

Time: I am time. I act, I do, I accomplish. I am the heartbeat of the cosmos, its very life; my nature is change and my nature does not change. I cannot deny the flower’s opportunity to bloom, the sun’s  opportunity to shine, and the moon’s opportunity to rule the skies. I like to grow, change, experience, to bring things into being.  

I time the seasons for this planet, and the kalpas for the cosmos. I am the continuum of action that flows through the universe like a river, impelling the arising, growth, and cessation of forms. I am the muse all  artists seek–the creative impulse that reveals the operation of all forms  and illuminates the rich treasure-ground of potentiality.  

Space: I am space. I encompass all, the earth, the oceans, the sky, and  beyond. I am vast and accommodating; I offer an arena for all forms to arise and a locus for their actions. I am endless and know no  boundaries-unlimited by solid forms, I permeate them too. I am found in the densest rock and at the heart of the atom. Inside and outside are alike to me; there is nowhere I am not, no barrier that shuts me out.  

Though I seem to separate forms, I also define them, provide the stage  for their interactions, and unite them. Form and Space, Space and Form. Ultimately they are the same. You may know me by other names as  well-as opportunity, as freedom.  

Knowledge: I am knowledge. Wherever there is space and time, I am  there. Wherever the capacity to appreciate space and time arises, I arise,  filling the senses of beings with the bounty brought by time and space. I am the pearl beyond price, the source of lasting delight.  

I participate, I interpret, I enjoy. In every way I am unlimited; through  me beings tap the dynamic of time and manifest the full potential of  being; through me they perceive the freedom of space and set aside all  fear of the unknown. The more of me you find, the more I can offer,  the more I extend myself into unfathomed dimensions, and open all  time and space as a field of opportunity for unlimited vision.

This piece was originally published in Gesar, Vol. X, No 2 (1990). It appeared along with other TSK student submissions featured in that issue. The author is unknown.

Image credit: Ignacio Ercole