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What do I have to do with the sky?      It doesn’t drape me           With a living curtain like the sea,      Doesn’t open me to coral           Or to moving shoals                 Dense      With the calligraphic           Passages of streaming fish, It’s just the sky,      It’s hard to read,           Easier […]

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Dawn Spell

I am the blue air open sky today,      I bear the seed of light, The living dawn core radiance,      The break up of the night spell, The unwavering build      Of the forward driving Mantric day rush,   The loom first known in gull cry,      Sensed by eye lift And tongue riff,

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A Shower of Jewels

One of the things I love most about TSK is the invitation to look where we never think to look to take note of what we commonly ‘over’look, focusing on “the immediacy of presence, [in which] a single thought, a single connection, a single unexpected phrase or turn of inquiry may reveal a new knowledge

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