Center for Creative Inquiry

DEADLINE EXTENDED – Open Call: Reflection of the Moon


If the eye sees the moon reflected in the waters of a river, the present experience is the continuously changing flow of water illuminated by the light of the moon. But then we name it, calling it ‘the reflection of the moon.’ We verify the truth of that name in each succeeding moment. Repeatedly confirming the echo of our initial perception, we perceive a static image of the moon, while the ‘present’ play of light on water recedes from view.

Next month, we will be publishing works surrounding a theme inspired by a passage in Tarthang Tulku’s Love of Knowledge. What does this passage stir in you? The image of moving water and the glimmer of moonlight, the gentle music of a quietly moving stream – can we connect to the feeling that pervades this scene without giving it a name?

We welcome your creative submissions.