Center for Creative Inquiry

A Shower of Jewels


One of the things I love most about TSK is the invitation to look where we never think to look

to take note of what we commonly ‘over’look, focusing on “the immediacy of presence, [in which] a single thought, a single connection, a single unexpected phrase or turn of inquiry may reveal a new knowledge and a different timing.” In the space of turning to pick up my tea cup, drink from it, and return to my original position, a vista opened before my eyes for an instant, breaking up and through a preoccupying worry that had been loitering at the back of my mind. By the time I had resumed my original posture, everything was rearranged. Trying to find an image to describe it to you – it was as if a folded cloth had been shaken out in front of me and a shower of tiny jewels which had been hidden in its pleats spangled into the room.