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Michael Gray

Michael Gray is the author of a memoir, The Flying Caterpillar, two novels (Asleep at the Wheel of Time, Falling on the Bright Side), and Winter Came Early this Year, reflections on the path of grief. He is co-founder of Friends in Time (a non-profit serving people with MS & ALS), and past president of non-profits serving adults and kids with disabilities. A regular contributor to journals (Kosmos, Gesar, ReVisions, Eckleburg), he writes a weekly blog @

Raven Knows

A trunk by itself is nothing Concentric circles locked in place Big zeros and little zeros Marking time, polarizing space   But add branches, add

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The Many Faces of Time

My grandfather clock (not my grandfather’s, but named for the technology of another era) has stopped working well. It runs for a while and then

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