Week 2 – More layers

As I continue playing with the non-content layers of experience: a deepening sense of realization of the number and complexity of layers surrounding, supporting, guiding and interacting with my awareness of “content”.   As I become increasingly aware of the 4 exercise layers and broaden my focus I notice other layers or perhaps they are more like filters that act in a more interactive way with content.  They are not the content but are not independent of the content either; they seem to modify the content.  Some observations:

·         Identifying layer – As content comes into mind an identifying layer seems to be automatically triggered that identifies and categorizes the content

·         Assessing layer – knowledge has already been accumulated regarding most content.  Cultural conditioning, education, personal experience, family values all come together in an assessing layer that labels content with unconscious judgments and conclusions

·         Process layer – not sure if this is a layer but I notice that my mind generally wants to do something with the content that is presented.  Understand it, think about it, see it as a problem and solve it, day dream, etc.

Christopher mentions the concept of matrix which I quite like and see as a multi-dimensional multi-functional matrix.  Different components of the matrix are always operating like the 4 primarily environmental layers of the exercise; other components seem to be activated automatically by different kinds of content.   Yet other components of the matrix seem to be activated by awareness or thought.


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