Center for Creative Inquiry

Reflection of the Moon


Description of Work:

Reflection of the Moon, 18" x 23", blue pigments in beeswax glaze binder.

Description of Process:

The center is spared as pure light. I slowly added layers of blue glaze around it, which had to dry in between, unfolding an increasing density of a shimmering, crystalline quality, creating depth. The source of light was meant to remain clear and untouched.

About the Artist:

Birgit Maria Viedenz

Birgit has degrees in fine arts, German literature, linguistics and philosophy. She has been studying Buddhist art with Tarthang Tulku since 1986 and has performed sculpture work for his organizations. She was also previously a high school teacher in the subjects of German and Fine Arts. Birgit is an artist specializing in art work for healing spaces. She is a certified Biodynamic Body Psychotherapist (Boyesen method) and is also certified in Energy Healing.