Center for Creative Inquiry

Why I Study Time, Space and Knowledge


I have been a psychotherapist for forty two years and would have burnt out twenty years ago were it not for the study of Time, Space and Knowledge. TSK gives a fresh view of self and others as well as a wider perspective on the situations and circumstances that surround our lives.

It has become clear that many of the problems that befall us are related to the identities we assume. Every identity has its intrinsic patterns of perception and behaviors that shape how we know and interact.

TSK examines and inquires into the unexamined assumptions of our lives, allowing increased degrees of freedom and ease. This is done by both thoughtful didactic inquiry, that appeal to my rational mind, and by guided practices that allow for a lived experience. In these manners, patterns and structures that limit how and what I know become gentle transparencies and are no longer obstacles.

I, my family and my patients benefit from my continued study of Time Space and Knowledge.