Center for Creative Inquiry

Motivations to Study TSK


Some words on my motivations to study TSK:

All my life in my encounters with others, I have had a deep wish that “the other” could stretch themselves and expand their point of view to see and include mine.

The way I have understood the vision of TSK, it encourages this way of inclusivity, no matter whose point of view, or what view.

I feel a sense of justness/justice, in the heart of all my intentions, when I embody this way of being (the TSK vision of being).

How grand! How benevolent! How caring! This way of being is all of that and more. The inclusiveness of all that is possible! There is clarity to not settle for less, since less is not inclusive, not fair, not true! The TSK vision moves toward what is true, and this is so beautiful.

When I embody it, the angst of wanting things in a certain way subsides. Bias shifts to include other possibilities, including that which appearance congeals into appearing.

Is this something small? Who has fathomed this?

Now that I am learning and practicing to stabilize this way of showing up, I realize every one could and can fathom it. It is the way things are if left untouched/unsullied by our mind’s impure perceptions, prejudice and bias…

But our narrowing views prevent us from seeing how this beautiful way of being is at work all the time beneath all our biases and narrowing actions.

In this way of being, all that appears approaches harmony and peace. It is considerate caring at work, all that I have ever aspired for! So I continue to practice this marvelous new way of being to stabilize its presence: to shift the narrowing biased ways I used to embody and ordinarily showed up in.

When I have been wronged, and I can see and am understanding… the ordinary way of contracting does not take place. Instead, expansiveness remains, and the inclusivity of seeing the other’s position and reasons for their actions is present. A sad, bittersweet freedom arrives: a freedom from contraction and getting upset (for the separate subject), but sadness that the other (the separate object) is still in the narrowed embodiment that I used to be chained up in. A prayer, a deep wish arises from my heart so that they can also be free – to close the gap between us – and in showing up this way, we are not as separate as it seems.

How grand!

How benevolent!

How caring!

This way of being is all of that and more.

The inclusiveness of all that is possible!

Clarity to not settle for less,

Since less is not inclusive, not fair, not true!

The vision moves toward what is true, and this is so beautiful!