Center for Creative Inquiry

A New Vision of Reality Ep. 3


A New Vision of Reality: TSK for the 21st Century is a new series exploring the Time-Space-Knowledge vision. TSK starts from the radical suggestion that deep, open-ended, sustained inquiry into time, space, and knowledge, as fundamental facets or elements of our being, can have a profoundly transformative impact on our ways of being and knowing in the world. As we head now into the third decade of the 21st century, many people are realizing that we have become caught up, rather surprisingly, in various crises of meaning and sense-making. And as a secular path of transformative inquiry and non-dual insight, open to science and psychology as much as to contemplative disciplines and Socratic dialogue, TSK is powerfully resonant with and relevant to the various integral, metamodern, and other communities that are attempting to articulate and address these crises. 

In this series, we will explore TSK in depth, talking to many of its teachers and long-time students, considering its origins and intentions, its key insights and practices, and looking forward also for whatever wisdom and ways of working it might offer us in the century ahead.

Bruce Alderman is joined by Ken McKeon, an educator, poet, and long-time TSK practitioner and teacher. Ken reflects on the early days of TSK, his experiences with Tarthang Tulku, and the learning curve between mastering a language and embodying a vision.