Center for Creative Inquiry

Moments Between Moments, part ii.


Normally, I’m engaged in a stream of activity as time seems to fly by.

Just taking the time to observe this ‘flying by‘ has a slowing affect on the rapidity of these seemingly discrete and momentary attention-getters — it seems to introduce some space into the observation. But even with a little more space I still notice thoughts arise and linger, play with others and then meander off.

There are other times I’m thinking about a problem and how to resolve it, after turning it over and looking at it from different angles and perspectives, and suddenly something I hadn’t considered pops into my awareness. What I hadn’t considered could be considered a moment between moments along a stream or line of thinking.

However, becoming more calm seems to allow even more space, which provides room for information from the senses that normally arises below the surface — sounds of traffic in the distance, birds, subtle ringing in the ears, how I feel, and what and where I’m feeling in my body. These could be moments in between the moments that I’m normally not tuned in to or focused upon. More ‘fine’ or fundamental moments seem to be observed as I become more aware of, or open my focus, to allow for the overlapping of the sense fields in knowing space.

Often, when waking up in the morning, I have the feeling of time’s atmosphere. During that period of transition from sleep, I’m aware of a stream of images and situations passing by without any engagement on the part of my controlling self. It’s as if someone left a projector on all night in my mind, and I’m just waking up to that ongoing display — ‘I’ had nothing to do with it. That brings home to me the display of the flow of time whether ‘I’ am there or not. There is witnessing at a more fundamental level.