Center for Creative Inquiry

Invitation to Knowledge


Since the moment we are born, we share a worldview with our parents, relatives, friends, teachers and all the members of our society.

We receive a collection of ideas and concepts that shape our view of the world and our attitudes, and that we assume to be true.

We also share with all people the wish for happiness, or in other words, the wish to be free from suffering. I believe that genuine freedom is only reached with knowledge. The power to use this knowledge instructs our choices and actions in order to transform our lives—freeing us and everybody around us from suffering.

As Rinpoche writes in Dynamics of Time and Space, the Time, Space and Knowledge vision, or TSK, “does not pursue knowledge through beliefs founded on reasons. Instead, it proceeds through active inquiry, which is seen as embodying knowledge directly.” “TSK follows no model or doctrine. All knowledge can be part of its vision.” TSK evokes creative action and presents the challenge of evoking knowledge that is exhibited freely in time.

My motivation to study TSK comes from the wish to reach genuine freedom, the wish to question and investigate “my” current world view, “my” experience, letting myself drop the narrowness of the positions I hold and embody the knowledge that is exhibited freely in time.