Generating Space

Exercise: Generating Space

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2 thoughts on “Generating Space

  1. comment by David Filippone:
    This webpage took me right through the exercise the way I would do it, close to my visualizations too. Once I got used to generating space, I took it further, I was more able to take an object, determine what I thought were its essential parts, it’s essence perhaps, then close my eyes and see what appears in mental space. It wasn’t the object fully formed as I expected, but the essence of the object. Then I realized this is how I imagine objects, I pull up an essence, then build it up in my mind to a more detailed image — I structure objects when it’s called for. This, and other insights came from just widening my focal setting by generating space and observing objects, thereby being aware of objects and at the same time the space in which they arise. To generate space is a simple decision, available at any time, to expand the scope of any context of thought, assumption, conclusion, belief, point of view, or fixed position.

  2. I think this is a very helpful visual aid for this exercise: it graphically demonstrates what is being referred to and how to approach it. Also, shows how flexible TSK is – you can practise sitting quietly in a cafe or in whatever situation or place you happen to find yourself.

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