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Gravity and Freedom

Spring is a great time to be thinking about gravity. Everything seems to be expanding and loosening up the gravity of the field. Even in thinking, most people are lighter in their patterns. In these terms, the seasons are fields … Continue reading

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Giant Body

Now that we are being invited to create, approach and explore a Giant Body, I thought these microphotographs referenced in today’s Guardian newspaper might be of interest: http://www.theguardian.com/science/gallery/2013/oct/30/2013-nikon-photomicrography-competition-pictures#/?picture=421216322&index=12 Caroline

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Raven Knows

Raven Knows. A trunk by itself is nothing Concentric circles locked in place Big zeros and little zeros Marking time, polarizing space   But add branches, add a few twigs Limbs reaching out, gathering in And the trunk packs for … Continue reading

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