Three times, three personalities

Three responses arose in me to three different parts of the LOK chapter for this week:

1/ The retreat into feelings is all too familiar, fortunately from an earlier time in my life;

2/ The dedication to controlling how my life procedes is very familiar to how I live my life at present;

3/ The practice of bringing an object of desire strongly to mind has an interesting side effect: it seems to encourage a recognition of what is worthwhile in that object of desire.  It lessens the feeling of being a helpless victim of fate and encourages the belief that if I really want something to happen, I can work towards making that outcome possible.  This feels like an expansion of my foothold in time: like looking back from the future at what I would be most glad to have spent my time doing in the intervening span of my time on earth.


About Michael Gray

I first started studying TSK in the mid 1980's and have since attended a number of retreats and workshops at the Nyingma Institute, in both TSK and Buddhist themes. I participated in the life-changing Human Development Training Program in 1991, and upon returning to Albuquerque co-founded an organization, Friends in Time (with a friend who has Lou Gehrig's Disease), which continues to serve people with similiar disabilities. I contributed an essay to "A New Way of Being"--the last one in the book--in which I describe how learning to honor who I have been has broadened and deepened my openness to present experience. I live in New Mexico with my wife and two sons.
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