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Center of the universe feel of time… experience ever-changing… the lived juncture of space and knowing. The spell of now… delight for being, and the heart to let it go…

By Ken McKeon

I blink and waves form,
Stare and the hills
Are awash with snow,
Wet with time,
And then are rushed away to flowering fields,

The desert sands are themselves churning with light, going green with rain,
Granulated star fed stunning space chill warms the air,

So it’s that way is it?
Forget about it, who calls it loudly, would stand to the side of time,
That would be some trick,

A wandering child knows just how sour an unruled and unripened orange is,
One bite is that instructive,
And how the left alone fruit goes

White grey greenish blue black foul and squishy,
Totally rotten to taste,
Is readily known,

True orange is rare, true anything really, the apex of truth,
A savory instant,
An instant as rare, as unattainable, as a perfectly forever day,
I say, enjoy it lightly for as it goes, we go too.

About David Filippone

I have been a student of Tarthang Tulku’s Time, Space, Knowledge (TSK) vision for over twenty-five years. For the past twelve years, I’ve studied TSK and Full Presence Mindfulness with Jack Petranker, director of the Center for Creative Inquiry (CCI). I have also participated in programs offered by Carolyn Pasternak of the Odiyan Center. For the past several years, I have curated the CCI Facebook page, which is often TSK-focused, and I serve on the CCI Board of Directors. The CCI Facebook page can be reached at...
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