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TSK Instructor Ken McKeon, takes a poetic long-view… while waiting… he perpends, a momentary inquiry into impermanence and reincarnation… or perhaps ‘repurposing’… a seed on its way in the universe…

by Ken McKeon

Golden Buddhistic statues stand behind the clear glass walls
Of a display case set up at the front of a meditation room,

The forms do not move,
They do not have to,
They represent a completely stilled
Eternal non-positional timeless golden realm
Of uncontorted dimensionless perfections

You have to see them to believe them,
And I have tried to do that,
Tried with my eyes closed, my eyes open, my eyes blinking,
I have tried to tame the fury of my mind
Just to get a glimpse of them,
Nothing seemed to work and I passed on,

I stood in line for centuries trying
To be reborn as a hummingbird or a dragonfly,
I figured that lovely creatures given to stillness
Would have a shot at eternity,

I ended up a fly,
A dull black nothing little thing,
I was a mess,
I lived in garbage,
I was a fecaloid, shy, stinky, awful,
I washed my hands continually,
That didn’t help.

I ended up being caught behind a kitchen window frame,
My wings failed,
My small heart gave out,
My little fly brain blanked,
I was down to nothing,
My last buzz screamed out into the final air,
That air was the last sky I ever knew,
It vanished and the loss was overwhelming,

And I found myself doing prostrations for a thousand years,
I was the least part
Of an eternity of sand,
I was the glass of forever,
The drifting mountains, the sliding tides,
I found my rest at last in a wildflower, a breeze, the springtime.
I woke up as a river crashing through a granite gorge,
It was my heart,
That was all I ever came to be,
That and the opening shoreline that I felt
As I passed on out to sea…

About David Filippone

For more than 25 years I’ve been a 'student' of the Time, Space, Knowledge vision (TSK), not a teacher. And I write from an inquiring student's perspective neither proclaiming nor declaring. I figuratively sit in awe at the feet of a master, Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche. For the past 12 years, my personal TSK guide has been Jack Petranker, Director of the Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages, and the Center for Creative Inquiry (CCI), past dean of the "Tibetan Nyingma Institute", and author of "When It Rains Does Space Get Wet?", "Inside Knowledge", and other TSK related books and articles... I've also received TSK instruction from the late, Carolyn Pasternak of the Odiyan Retreat Center... As a volunteer for the past several years, I've been curating the often TSK focused, CCI Facebook page at...
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