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When I receive a new poem by TSK Instructor, Ken McKeon [almost every day]… It rings like a gentle gong’s round-sound filling hollows within … I feel a rising of mind-waters resounding as I absorb the words, I attempt to fathom where they point, and intuit what the currents uncover… They often lead to primordially fresh encounters… before I impute distance between, and prior to erecting edges, and stamping labels, and way before collecting and categorizing them. Like a call to prayer, time can become more spacious, perception more accommodating, and awareness brighter. A more subtle focus opens, as if clouds clear, and clarity shines. I often feel home… a foundational ‘place’…

As you come to know this foundational ‘place’, you can see how ordinary experience arises out of it. A sense of being becomes ‘being here’; from this arises ‘being here in time’. Presence becomes presence ‘of ‘something, which is then established and felt to exist. Existence becomes ‘I am’, which is felt to be identical with the original sense of being. Familiarity with this interplay opens the possibility of contacting awakened consciousness.
… ‘Dynamics of Time and Space’, p 281

by Ken McKeon

A flat of sand is one thing,
A dry white spread,
A crust of a sun dried beach,
It lies far from the present water line,
Step barefoot down on it,
And it cracks up,

Its shelves crumble into individuated tiny silicates,
Into a pleasing granularity,
The finest dots
Sifted through a child’s mind,
His fingers in love with the rough warmth,

But you can’t castle it up,
You need water for that,
Not the whole sea with its
Gazillion or so gallons water,

Just a wet bit,
A tad beyond damp,
You well might wait hours
For the tide to bring it to you,
And it will,
Takes a slow spell of time,
A magical shift,
One massive beating
Of a vastly big heart,
It will arrive on its own,

Or you can enter it yourself
Step by step until you’re all in,
There is sand somewhere below you,
But that hardly matters,
You are now at sea,
You will never be the same.

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For more than 25 years I’ve been a 'student' of the Time, Space, Knowledge vision (TSK), not a teacher. And I write from an inquiring student's perspective neither proclaiming nor declaring. I figuratively sit in awe at the feet of a master, Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche. For the past 12 years, my personal TSK guide has been Jack Petranker, founder of the "Center for Creative Inquiry" (CCI), past dean of the "Tibetan Nyingma Institute", and author of "When It Rains Does Space Get Wet?", "Inside Knowledge", and other TSK related books and articles... I've also received TSK instruction from the late, Carolyn Pasternak of the Odiyan Retreat Center... As a volunteer for the past several years, I've been curating the TSK focused, CCI Facebook page at... https://tinyurl.com/ybyfolcf
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