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We continued to explore the GIANT BODY exercise by going smaller… that may sound contradictory, but you might say we ‘felt’ our way more than conceptualized. And ‘feeling’ is what opened the thought, feeling breathed life into imagination, feeling is what united mind and body.

We were told to vigorously rub our hands together and feel the energy and heat… then slowly move your hand closer to your eyes and imagine what was beneath the flesh… the veins, muscle, sinew, blood and bones. Close your eyes, and feel what you are visualizing… and that is what did it for me. The judgment that my imagination was just a limited image I conjured, and not real… well… it became something else. That frozen opinion melted, and space opened as I became aware of another dimension… the feel of the hand, the FEEL of the visualization. That FEEL was the opening of space… an opening of a mental construct, a head-thing, and the visualization became an embodiment. Watching that as it happened was a subtle revelation, one I commonly overlook by going right to the ‘head-thing’.

Adding the tactile dimension to a thought seemed like putting something together that actually went well together. I smile at the simplicity and transparency of that notion. Adding the space of another sense to conceptual thought opened one dimension to another… it made an idea an event, a lived experience. It demonstrated to me that imagination is also knowing, not inferior to, but a knowing aspect.

I notice I can see the leaves of trees, but include the spaces between, and in the space between is where I feel the living…

“Central to the very heart of reality, a beautiful vision is available—when we can ‘see’ without adopting limiting positions. This vision concerns Space, which is primordially peaceful, open. In its openness, it is an open-ended accommodating of various views, all welling up, floating, gathering within Space. Although undisturbed, it is filled with appearance. Space is therefore not static, but is instead a serene explosion of expanding creativity… Colors, forms, all experience, art, music, philosophy—are expressions of Space. While engaging in an intertwining, completely interpenetrating dance, they are still a free-flowing presence of translucent outlines and surfaces. Each engagement is a profound and mysterious enactment of central import, marking out the traceless, centerless center of reality. Each individual presence is this open-ended centerless center . . . Space.

… ‘Time, Space, Knowledge,’ p. xxxii

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David Filippone has been a student of Tarthang Tulku’s Time, Space, Knowledge (TSK) vision for over twenty-five years. For the past fourteen years, he has studied TSK and Full Presence Mindfulness with Jack Petranker, director of the Center for Creative Inquiry (CCI). He also participated in programs offered by Carolyn Pasternak of the Odiyan Center. David curated the CCI Facebook page for five years, which is often TSK-focused, and he currently serves on the CCI Board of Directors. The CCI Facebook page can be found at the following link...
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