Depths of Feeling…

Photo courtesy of: 'Pussy willow' by adab8ca - Flickr

Photo courtesy of: ‘Pussy willow’ by adab8ca – Flickr

The planet has a way of catching you by surprise… if you allow it…and are open to its seductive pull. Spring tends to entice, by color, light, kindly temperatures, scented breezes… certain flowers spawn tranquil feelings… like pussy willows… They seem to induce positive responses, an underlying appreciation, and a sense of wonder… an ‘at homeness’ within. I found this quote today…

Our ability to open the depths of feeling gets stronger as we practice… We are not observers: we’re participants. As we contemplate, we also conduct light – the thoughts ‘shine’, the rhythm’s ‘shown’, informing space’s magical play… As we journey, cresting wave after wave, towards the heart of time… This unity is the natural birthplace of compassion… time is our teacher.
Keys of Knowledge’, Tarthang Tulku, p.101-2

Regarding that inward tranquility… I came across these words from my friend Ken…

Excerpt from the poem…
By Ken McKeon

A line up of pussy willows
They casually convene
In a tidal seepage swamp spread,
By a railroad track,
Oily ties,
Crumbly granite bed,
A big boulder sea wall,
A lunar modulated strip of sand,
That keeps changing,
Silver sweeps of bubbly spreading flows,

They take my breath away,
I’d follow them anywhere,
Near break, further break, nearly final break,

Then the full throated hollow building crashing outside break,
High spill of tubular rolling tight fisted surf unleashed,
That’s where the play is,
Always the midnight towering wave lift,
The spilling crush of life’s wave,
It is my heart, the right here, the everywhere,
And it opens out to the dark vast sea,
Westward moving,
This continuous stillness,
It murmurs, it seethes,

It is the soul’s hearth,
And it is my home.

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