Focused Sensing…

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Living TSK, we often open moments like unwrapping a surprise gift… we are invited to open the gift-box, delight in the offering, welcome the discovery, stay in the center of its depth, and then lucubrate

Focused Sensing is a wonderful event…it can start from a slender space like a taste, a ‘simple sip’ that sets the tongue alive, buds atwitter, flavor space opens like a billowing sail… mind expands further, floods awareness with euphoric whole-body feelings. We open from the narrow to the uncondensed. Even listening can take us far beyond boundaries of our little bodies… momentarily free-flying, beyond the trees, off in the clouds and farther… experience soars in the moment of feeling…over and above… expanding time and space…

By Ken McKeon

A scattering of raindrops,
The silences between them,
Too quickly gone to note,

But the broad pulse
Of a vast plane flying overhead,
One can touch that,
Can ride it,
Like a lifting wave
That calms fully as it lips the sky
And steadies out forever to become
The cradling of a living body borne
By the drenching air,
And as still as the dawn is,
The moving edge of light that is first breath,
The caress known fully
Before the plunging ecstasy of love.

About David Filippone

I have been a student of Tarthang Tulku’s Time, Space, Knowledge (TSK) vision for over twenty-five years. For the past twelve years, I’ve studied TSK and Full Presence Mindfulness with Jack Petranker, director of the Center for Creative Inquiry (CCI). I have also participated in programs offered by Carolyn Pasternak of the Odiyan Center. For the past several years, I have curated the CCI Facebook page, which is often TSK-focused, and I serve on the CCI Board of Directors. The CCI Facebook page can be found at the following link...
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  1. Eliana Kalaf says:

    Before the first thought there is only beauty…

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