Regarding Inquiry

We are forms of intelligence born into a culture and time, from which we learn what we know.

Inquiry into what we know opens the known; liberating intelligence to know another way of knowing.

Tarthang Tulku tells us to be another way, we must know another way.

About Hayward

Clinical Psychologist and practicing psychotherapist for thirty seven years. Studying Time Space and Knowledge since 1980 and integrating this vision into clinical practice as seemingly appropriate and useful.
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1 Response to Regarding Inquiry

  1. Michael Gray says:

    Good morning, Hayward,

    Thank your for the wonderfully succint outline of what we can do with the remainder of our lives, and perhaps a few more after that.

    I’ve been rereading “Revelations of Mind”, and am appreciating my second pass through it’s field of knowing. So these days, I find myself thinking in terms of recognition, identity, mind regime, and understanding, more than knowing and intelligence. But your short post resonates with both these intelligent invitations to understand our lives and awaken another kind of knowing.

    Our lives unfolding in this “culture and time”, is surely fundamental to both the “mind regime” within which we find ourselves limited and the greater “knowing” that we can glimpse as one with those limitations.

    And “liberating intelligence to know another way of knowing” is a lovely way to suggest that there is a “ladder of understanding” for us to climb.


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