Thoughts As Position

If  judgement, attitudes and opinion  were to be categorized as  “thought”, it appears that we do inhabit thoughts as they become knowing positions. Were we to recognize position as vantage point of knowledge, we might be less inclined to protect, maintain and perpetuate the view as though our very self were at stake.

David illuminates in his posting (“Position”) the tendency to identify a characteristic way of knowing as “our self” and there by narrow all experience to a particular interpretative tendency that has “me” at the center.

The TSK Vision recognizes the self at the center of experience to be center-less, there by allowing more open ways of knowing and more open ways of being.




About Hayward

Clinical Psychologist and practicing psychotherapist for thirty seven years. Studying Time Space and Knowledge since 1980 and integrating this vision into clinical practice as seemingly appropriate and useful.
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