Space Shifting Now…

Photo courtesy of:  Cherry Tree in Autumn by Virginia Sanderson – Flickr

Photo courtesy of: Cherry Tree in Autumn by Virginia Sanderson – Flickr

It is quite possible as you read this you will engage in ‘space shifting’…I did while putting together this post. As you read, notice how you shift to different spaces and focus and concern…it is interesting to observe…

…Time can elaborate space so delicately…we connect visually, with taste buds and our hearts…a tree of life infuses us, melds us with the earth we are made of, the sky we breathe, the fluid sweetness of what flows through us…we ripen, evolve and fade…it is the nature of all…

By Ken McKeon

Kerasos, the fruitful tree,
So light, so pink,
These the flowerings,

Sun drawn, blood fed,
The blooms, the full
Froth of first warmth,

Will you walk with me,
Even dance,
As cloud with sky,

That close, our lips
Part freely,
We breathe together,

How can we not
Touch forever?
The freshest wind,

The falling blossoms,
That close,
The close of day.

Photo courtesy of: ‘Cherry tree delivers 1’ by jwdl - Flickr

Photo courtesy of: ‘Cherry tree delivers 1’ by jwdl – Flickr

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  1. David Filippone says:

    Reading this one might question why there is no cherry blossom represented…?
    Ken’s poem is the blossom…

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