Space is our Home

Lately we have been investigating and expanding our understanding of what it means to inhabit space, challenging our habit of locating things in space and experiencing their relationships. It is interesting how our understanding shifts during our exploration of experience.

I was reading a book on TSK and I was experiencing looking at the words in the book trying to understand the meaning. The focus of awareness was straight; from me to the book. But there was a music playing in the background that caught my attention. It was a soft and gentle piano melody. And I felt good, a cozy feeling inside my chest…

Then I turned back to the reading, but I didn´t want to lose that lovely experience and I realized that widening the focus of attention I could read without having to give up the song and the feeling. It was like looking through the lens of a camera with different openings of the shutter. The more it opened more light came in and more details were seen.

The straight focus of awareness shifted to a more open and spacious one. It melted in space. I was feeling at the edge, not a separated bystander but a part of the whole. I was experiencing not the world of conventional space but the “shifting exhibitions of a field”, all equally given together.

My appreciation offered me the gift of continuity inside the space, inside home.

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  1. David Filippone says:

    Ha Ha! This is so pleasing. I was just doing the walkabout practice listening to music, and I felt this same expansive “cozy feeling inside my chest”. In that moment, I decided to check the CCI webpage and found… your post which coincided with what I was feeling. And it occurred to me the listening field now included a much wider shared space…an aware-feeling-field across continents. :-)

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