Appreciate the active, accommodating presence of space.

Todays practice occurred, for the first time, in the grocery parking lot. I recognized that I was moving through space and how it gracefully allowed passage. As I turned to see where I had been, not a ripple was seen and space remained still and ever available.

As I breathed in I recognized that breath was space, and that the space of breath infused my body. It was then that appreciation, naturally and spontaneously arose.

Hayward Fox

About Hayward

Clinical Psychologist and practicing psychotherapist for thirty seven years. Studying Time Space and Knowledge since 1980 and integrating this vision into clinical practice as seemingly appropriate and useful.
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4 Responses to Appreciate the active, accommodating presence of space.

  1. michaelg says:

    I keep returning to the image of you seeing no ripple in the space that you have just passed through. It captures something powerful. This morning, looking out at the back yard, I realized that (as a bystander) I am almost always looking out from a position and that my appreciation of space is as an environment that surrounds that perspective (outsider). The relationship between the two doesn’t then open up into a truly inclusive togetherness. In your simple language it is as if, undisturbed by your passage, space is looking at you.

  2. haywardfox says:

    Continuing the practice:
    Moments arise revealing the realm of form as the expressive presence of space.

  3. Eliana Kalaf says:

    Dear Hayward,

    Your words about appreciation and space were so clear so simple that I appreciated reading them.

    And all of a sudden I realized that this appreciation brought a kind of space in my experience, and this knowledge allowed the spacious quality become more intense.

  4. David Filippone says:

    I love it! :-)

    Happened for me when I watched this video clip, and I appreciated all our movements through space…not just mental, but a depth of ‘feeling‘ that seems to well up, tinged with emotion

    Time laps view…

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