Presence – Four deer running

Porch 12-9-15

Four deer running, almost in single line, white tails bobbing up and down as they negotiate the high brown grass behind the house. I was struck by how their coloring blended in with the surrounding russet and burnt umber shadows and surrounds. In stillness they might be hardly noticed, but it’s their swift, fluid sprinting through the grass that catches the eye. They’re heading for the creek a hundred yards or so further ahead, where the taller trees will afford safety in seclusion, away from the wide open field. How pleasing it is to be the witness, observing the gifts that present…

About David Filippone

For more than 25 years I’ve been a 'student' of the Time, Space, Knowledge vision (TSK), not a teacher. And I write from an inquiring student's perspective neither proclaiming nor declaring. I figuratively sit in awe at the feet of a master, Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche. For the past 12 years, my personal TSK guide has been Jack Petranker, Director of the Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages, and the Center for Creative Inquiry (CCI), past dean of the "Tibetan Nyingma Institute", and author of "When It Rains Does Space Get Wet?", "Inside Knowledge", and other TSK related books and articles... I've also received TSK instruction from the late, Carolyn Pasternak of the Odiyan Retreat Center... As a volunteer for the past several years, I've been curating the often TSK focused, CCI Facebook page at...
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