Awareness of Awareness (Glimpse 2, Ch. 2)

Porch 5 eve 11-22-15

Look out at an object in the room. Notice being aware of that object. Now notice being aware of seeing. Allow awareness to be interested and aware of itself: awareness resting back to become the subject and the object. Feel awareness as intimate, soft, spacious, and pervasive. Let go of interest in thoughts. Notice what it is like to be aware from awareness rather than from thinking or ego-identity.

This practice from the book, ‘Shift Into Freedom’, by Loch Kelly, reminds me of many TSK exercises, but one TSK Walkabout practice in particular comes to mind that I previously posted at the link referenced below:

“A Walkabout Practice – Tripping Over Zero”

But this evening, I noticed a stunning sunset, so I took this scene from the porch as the object of my awareness. And like a sponge I noticed how attention ‘soaked-in’ this view, like a sponge absorbing moisture – colors and tones, light and shadows, earth and sky… I felt narrow attention to specific identifications let go, and the ease of relaxing-out with a broad, non-specific enjoyment. I felt into a swooping, merging-unification that smoothed out edges and boundaries. I felt my heart open out, an ‘open-hearted awareness’, absent the ego mini-me’s of control, positioning, desire, and anxiety. I just dwelled in that basic goodness… awareness of awareness…

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1 Response to Awareness of Awareness (Glimpse 2, Ch. 2)

  1. David Filippone says:

    This was sent to me privately with permission to post…

    Hayward’s Practice Notes: GLIMPSE 2 – Awareness of Awareness

    Working with the exercise David cites (awareness of awareness) and some key descriptions offered by Kelly, the availability of awareness has become quite accessible. It appears that awareness is continuous, still, silent, ever-present light. A shift in knowing brings this usual background to the fore, allowing a respite from the thinking mind and reactive body.

    Thanks for the invitation and the company.

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