Dear fellow TSK Students

Dear fellow TSK Students,

Recently, Michael sent an email to me, Ken, and Hayward saying how much he enjoyed our times together, pointing out how TSK is such an unusual meeting ground, and reflected on how diverse we are, and how the TSK Vision nourishes each of us in our shared humanity. He also noted how important he felt our face to face meetings at the annual retreats was vital to our lasting connection.

My initial response was to the three people mentioned above, but upon further reflection, I’ve realized just how applicable it was to everyone I’ve met on-line and in person during the course of my TSK studies.

While it has been true I really bonded with all those I met at the annual retreats. Most importantly, I realized our mutual humanity, our innocence, our frailty, and our mutual love for the vision which underscored our deep desire and need to better understand ourselves. I realized how much I loved each of you, how similar we are, how connected we are, and by extension my connection to everyone.

I agree, it’s essential that we all keep in contact, stay intimately connected with the TSK Vision, and our evolving understanding.

Finally, I want to express my deepest love and appreciation to Jack Petranker, my venerable teacher for the past eight years. He seems fond of saying he is no teacher, preferring to defer to the TSK Vision, and of course, Tarthang Tulku, the Precious Master who is a light on to himself, and a worldwide doer of good for humanity. I love the humility.

My deepest appreciation to everyone. Love you all,

About David Filippone

For more than 25 years I’ve been a 'student' of the Time, Space, Knowledge vision (TSK), not a teacher. And I write from an inquiring student's perspective neither proclaiming nor declaring. I figuratively sit in awe at the feet of a master, Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche. For the past 12 years, my personal TSK guide has been Jack Petranker, Director of the Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages, and the Center for Creative Inquiry (CCI), past dean of the "Tibetan Nyingma Institute", and author of "When It Rains Does Space Get Wet?", "Inside Knowledge", and other TSK related books and articles... I've also received TSK instruction from the late, Carolyn Pasternak of the Odiyan Retreat Center... As a volunteer for the past several years, I've been curating the often TSK focused, CCI Facebook page at...
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  1. Michael Gray says:

    Give and ye shall receive. You bring those words to life.

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