Right and Wrong At The Same Time

My cousin, a teacher with Ph.D. in Art History sent this to her brother, and Astro Physicist at Cal Tech, and to me. It’s a short article from ‘The Onion’, where everything is satire. She thought we would find it funny. Of course, phrases like “quantum political scientists”, merging “quantum wave function and Gallup polls”, as well as dropping the name Rimbaud as the researcher thereby evoking an historical symbolist poet haunted by demons in extreme opposition—got me right away…

But then my TSK training kicked in and I thought, though the author may not have intended it, here is another imaginative display or demonstration that without taking a position, perspectives in opposition can be, and not be, in the same space. Change and no change can be, as time seems to move, while not moving. :-)

Those quantum physicists– always equivocating…

Quantum Political Scientists Hypothesize
Country Headed In Both Right And Wrong
Directions Simultaneously



PASADENA, CA—Upending the conventionally held assumption that the United States must exclusively be moving along a single good or bad path forward, quantum political scientists at the California Institute of Technology published a paper Thursday hypothesizing that the country is, in fact, headed in both the right and wrong directions simultaneously. “Rather than inhabiting a single reality where the nation’s future looks bright or an opposite one where Americans are struggling like never before, our research suggests that these two conditions actually exist concurrently in a state of superposition,” said lead researcher David Rimbaud, adding that, according to their analysis of quantum wave function and Gallup polls, the nation’s best days were found to lie, paradoxically, both ahead of and behind it. “In addition, our research has revealed for the first time that this country is currently changing beyond all recognition while at the same time remaining the same as it’s always been. Similarly, the United States was found to be both a beacon of freedom and hope in the world and an antagonist to those very same hopes and freedoms. Though seemingly contradictory, all of these scenarios are equally true.” Rimbaud added that in both divergent realities, China was still the world’s dominant economic force.

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  1. Hayward Fox says:

    Thanks David
    If you had not told us that this was satire published in the “Onion”, I might have thought “Well, I do not understand all of this, but this is an example of things being true, but not real”. When I apply the “is it real” test I find many paradoxical ways of viewing apparent truths.
    Thanks for both your humor and insight

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