The Light of Awareness

The light available to be activated in our lives is not separated from physical light.

What does such a light have to do with the light we awaken to each morning? The answer will not come on the level of ideas. The best reply is this: Mind is available. Look directly there, without preconception or preconceived limitation. When you do, there comes an experience of warmth or heat—an intensity of energy not readily accounted for within accustomed structures. Already at this moment, you are close to light. Now the path unfolds on its own. There is no need to give further direction, for awareness directs its own procedures. DTS 212

I was wondering about the connection of light and awareness and how awareness can guide us to light. There is a very interesting article written by Tom Morse published in the book “A New Way of Being”, named Cultivating the Inner Landscape. He guides us through the exercise 1 of Dynamic of Time and Space and gives some clues.

He invites us to become aware of the awareness…to look within each moment to the “quality” of awareness it carries, and not to the content of what arises.

By doing so, we attend to experience as movement, and this immediately makes our experience of time and space more open and more dynamic. Awareness have a lived quality. As we attend to the way that awareness transfers from one experience to the next, the quality of experience itself shifts and clarity deepens.

Awareness shifts from the content of what appears to the background and edges of appearance. Awareness moves beyond the confines into the field of awareness. By looking within awareness, we discover the knowingness it offers.

We recognize awareness where it appears to be absent, and the awareness of no awareness is then continued into the next moment. As awareness continues to expand into areas where it had previously seemed absent, we can experience a sweet abiding that does not immediately draw away from pure experience back into the familiar. As awareness and appearance becomes the same, nothing remains outside.

Awareness sponsors our assumptions and shapes our experience. It is active not only at the outset, not only in naming and defining, but also in each arising moment. DTS 278

Once awakened, awareness can illuminate every part of our experience. Attuned to the quality and the field of what appears, awareness invites a seeing that goes beyond the dark not-knowing of the ordinary.

Like a bird set free from a cage, the mind can fly toward the light with complete assurance, knowing that wherever there is light, there is the perfect freedom of dimensionless space and the dynamic of nuclear time. DTS 208

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  1. michaelg says:

    Hi Eliana,

    I appreciate you directing me to Tom Morse’s article in “A New Way of Being”, where he provides an impressive study guide to the themes we have been studying in the past few weeks (awareness, clarity, experience, The Body of Knowledge, and his linking them together with study, practice, and walking about). Tom gives a very helpful engagement guide which he manages to describe with lucid knowing, clearly drawing from his own first-hand inquiries.

    I also appreciate your engagement of this challenging material–during our three week break, no less!


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