Close Encounters

The body of knowledge is active and available. One way to touch it is through embodiment.

We can touch the Body of Knowledge by focusing on our embodiment directly. With our senses attuned to the world around us, we grow aware of a more encompassing body of knowledge. Expanding awareness aligns with the subtle energies of inner experience, making knowledge available not only through the activity of senses and mind, but throughout the realm of physical space and linear time. KTS 441

As subject, I throw the fishhook catching things, persons and ideas, and when I am caught, I feel afraid. Hunter and hunt exchange positions always opposing one another, never making real contact. There is tension, they don’t mix.

Looking closely at my own experience, I can see that feelings of unease, anxiety, fear, impatience that are common in my experience, have a quality of holding back, an avoidance to make contact with whatever is around. I am not open, and the subtle energies of my inner experience are contained and heavy.

When my awareness encompasses these subtle energies, knowledge makes itself available. There is a choice to open and make contact, to become vulnerable to whatever is around. There is a choice to become one with things, persons and ideas; to vibrate with the singing of a bird, to feel the sadness of the person in front of you, to experience the openness of the sky.

It is as if the body and everything else were a fabric, condensing and expanding according to the rhythms of time.

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