Become a fool without being foolish

Thank you very much to Jack and everybody involved for the new book. Although sometimes my sense is that everything has been said already and it’s time to practice I especially enjoyed the vignette.  Right away it reminded me of a book by Keith Dowman: The Divine Madman, that is about the life of Drukpa Künleg, a tantric master of the 16th century. I feel very attracted to this story and way of being, but I realise that trying to become a fool would be as foolish as to try to become anything else. TSK questions all fixed positioning and thereby also questions any kind of from and to and fixed goal orientation.

Trying to do TSK to become a fool is as senseless as chanting a mantra to become enlightened. With a goal in mind both ways cannot work. Only if these tools are allowed to work there way to openness space, time can unfold in new ways and sacredness can manifest in whatever way. And they only can work if they are really practiced. To imagine and speculate where TSK or other practices may lead might be helpful to motivate to start practicing, but at some point words have to be left aside and the mantra or TSK works it’s way. This may show up different for everybody and may lead to different ways of live and embodiment that all look foolish for some people.

So being called a fool could be a sign that we are heading in the right direction; the directionless direction of TIME, SPACE and KNOWLEDGE, the sacred dimensions of divine madness.

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