Distance is Determinative

Distance is determinative: What is situated “somewhere else” is simply out of reach. LOK 387

Once knowledge is placed somewhere else, according to a dichotomizing structure, the gap between antagonistic poles cannot be bridged. In other words, there is no room for alternatives.

Attentive to what was happening to me; I could see recently the role of distance and the poles of knowledge in my own experience. I was very uncomfortable and sought possibilities to get out of that suffering. I was here and looked for knowledge out there to own it, and to use it for my benefit. The solutions that came to me didn´t bring calm neither peace.

I realized that I was holding back, anxious to get what I wanted. My mind was taken by desire. When I could see my actual situation, knowledge became available. By including the self in the field of awareness, the gap between knowledge and me disappeared.

I saw my body and my mind contracted. It was like all the energy of my body was directed inward, increasing the separation from the surroundings. I was, somehow, increasing my suffering and the gap between me and knowledge. The transition from the attitude of resistance to make contact to the attitude of allowing and experiencing the energy of time brought me balance and room to see alternatives, alternatives out of question before.

Conducting inwardly, I could discover the mechanisms of time´s conducting. This  knowledge brings “new dimensions” to the experience, leading to a shift from conceptual knowledge to the aliveness of time.

Flattening space, I could see the knowledge that harmonizes with all appearances making itself available.

When dimensionality is flattened, nothing is excluded. In zeroless space, dimensions open up as though unzipped. All is equally available everywhere, for every ‘where’ is any ‘where’, and each edge opens into the whole. Even the edge of the edge opens. We are ‘inside’ and there is no ‘out’ side. DTS 44

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  1. michaelg says:

    Hi Eliana,

    Your post brings to the surface a great paradox of life. If we move inward in a way that creates a distance (physically and emotionally) from the outward pole of our concerns, we just exacerbate our sense of frustration and alienation.

    Yet, as you quote, a feeling of wholeness and completion comes when “we are ‘inside’ and there is no ‘outside”.

    The crucial step seems to be to recognize that togetherness and oneness is the natural environment, and that polarizations of the self and its world are not natural. Then our inside can absorb what otherwide feels outside.

    The hard part is letting that kind of inside become the home we live in.


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