Stepping away from our restrictions

Individual appearances manifest in terms of the field communiqué, which is characterized by the names and by the interactions of the appearances through their communicated meaning.

In the field communiqué, substance arises through the mind, taking form in the act of naming. … We must learn how to restore appearance, stripping it of its claimed substantiality DTS 27 (substantiality communicated through old stories)

One possibility for cutting through the limitations of a verbal way of knowing is to turn to experience directly, inviting its immediacy to open our senses to a deeper knowing. DTS 21

Human relationship can be an example of cutting through the limitations of a verbal way of knowing. It is common to bring past stories when we relate to other people, but this general pattern can fade, generating openness. I can describe a recent event.

I have had difficulties with a person for some time now, and the past stories always tainted our relationship. But recently she needed help to prepare a talk she had to do, and I helped her. The talk went well and she became very happy about it. Since then, when we meet, it is like there was no story or previous communicated meaning between us. I felt like I was sucked into her openness and good mood; a communication felt “namelessly”.

Before the before, appearance offers the other side beneath zero. Without departing from zero, the exhibition can serve the purpose. Without beginning with our story, the end leads to the beginning of openness and space.

We arrive at the nameless and the formless by opening appearance to space. DTS 28

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  1. Eliana Kalaf says:

    I would like to add a comment about arriving at the nameless and formless of appearance.

    In the field communiqué, substance arises “through” the mind, taking form in the act of naming. Therefore, the frame of mind is crucial in determining substance. The same appearance can have different meanings in different frames of mind.

    If the mind is open, stories fade, and new names or no names come forth, giving rise to new knowledge. It is possible to say that the meaning is determined by the aliveness between appearances.

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