All Occurring Within The Moment’s Stillness

This morning while walking, beneath the starry desert sky, knowing apprehended all walking as concurring, within the moment’s stillness.


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Clinical Psychologist and practicing psychotherapist for thirty seven years. Studying Time Space and Knowledge since 1980 and integrating this vision into clinical practice as seemingly appropriate and useful.
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3 Responses to All Occurring Within The Moment’s Stillness

  1. John Brossard says:

    You two in the ‘little great space’ of the southwest – that ‘great space’ is so conducive to that stillness you speak of. It is what I experience in the Mono Basin here in California, and what I was trying to refer to in saying that the predominant experience of the universe is silence. Our noise and busyness is dwarfed by stillness, but further is as aspect of stillness.

    Thanks for the transmission.

  2. Hayward says:

    The insight remained in daylight.
    All movement occurs within an allowing stillness.

  3. michaelg says:

    Which constellation are you? Orion, the Tortoise ascending? I hope you’re still walking in knowing as the night stars fade and the day catches you up . . .

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