Albert Einstein

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“Never try to solve problems with the same way of thinking that created them.”

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  1. michaelg says:

    Apparently Kurt Godel (one of the three giants in the book “Godel, Escher, Bach”) proved mathematically that there are problems/paradoxes which are incapable of being resolved on the level in which they arise.

    This seems the fundamental situation from which the TSK vision springs. The ordinary versions of time (linear, sequential), of space (populated by substantial objects), and of knowledge (only what the self, cut off from the whole, knows), projects a realm in which countless paradoxes and insoluble problems cannot be resolved.

    No wonder the TSK vision invites us to step outside that realm of limitations, separations, and nailed down solidity, and to feel outselves taking flight into the open sky–from which the ordinary appears in a new perspective and generates fresh perceptions.

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