Matisse and TSK

Creation is no longer a unique event that takes place at the beginning of time, or else through the inspiration of a mysterious force. Instead, as the momentum of ‘time’ it is freely accessible in each interaction. KTS 78

parakeet-and-mermaid-largeTSK invites us to be creators. At first, I associated creativity to something big that I couldn’t reach. Like a work by the great artist Henri Matisse, who used an unorthodox implement, a pair of scissors, to transform paint and paper into a world of figures and shapes. The result is a display of qualities: bright, colorful, joyful, cozy, naïve, light, open and a bunch of others.

This attitude freezes my reality in a certain way, connecting me to the pain of not fully accepting with appreciation the display of qualities of Matisse´s work. Being stuck in linear temporality is a reaction to the energy of time.

When the presentations of time are seen as inseparable from ‘time’, time becomes boundless in its energy. Artificial barriers and borders give way to a more integrated view. Second-level time is time brought to life, inseparable from life itself. KTS 78

Dropping the projection of an ideal creativity, I tried to recall moments of acceptance and appreciation. Then, it came to my mind a touching moment when, with my hands occupied, I was trying to put on my shoes. An old lady, just next to me, offered to hold the objects that were in my hands. In the first moment I had a reaction of not making contact, but aware of this simple act of kindness and the barrier of the arrogant feeling of self-sufficiency, I accepted her kindliness and I felt really good.

In that moment creativity revealed itself as the natural unfolding of time’s energy with no barriers and no acts of projecting. Then, the ever-present potential of second-level time flourished.

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2 Responses to Matisse and TSK

  1. Eliana Kalaf says:


    It makes sense what you wrote, but my intention was to express the difference between the TSK view and my previous understanding of creativity.

    I see now that I can be creative tuning in with the energy of time, dropping all barriers and resistances. The sense of appreciation is a sign of having tuned in.

  2. michaelg says:

    Reading your post, I had the odd feeling that I was reading a condensed version of the pitfalls of fundamental religions. First we are intimidated by the unapproachable and unachievable greatness of some creation and feel small and resentful for our smallness. Then we feel we have found a solution (in some teaching or group whose greater understanding we can draw upon and which can re-inflate our sense of being too small to understand); then a natural moment of connection and humility renders the issue of our size immaterial–because we realize that we are just part of a larger flow of life . . .

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