Intention, appreciation, inquiry and mindfulness.

Does a connection exist between mindfulness and TSK’s exploration of the underlying dynamic of time?

Mindfulness ‘instills’ an awareness of the present.  If our awareness is just of the objects, thoughts and phenomena that are of interest to the self, then we may have difficulty contacting time’s inner dynamic.

Intention, appreciation and inquiry expand and deepen when the mind becomes still and attentive.

Intention, which concerns itself with the future, deepens into appreciation and a broader kind of awareness when we embrace who we have been, appreciate the living opportunities arising right now, and view the future as intention’s natural resting place.

Appreciation naturally belongs within a kind of time that is not rushing along (unstable, fitful, and proscribed), but is balanced on the three legs of who we have been, who we are now, and who we aspire to be.

Similarly inquiry is freed from obsession with the content of our fitful, driven thoughts when our interest engages a broader dynamic of time than the self’s concerns of the moment.

About Michael Gray

I first started studying TSK in the mid 1980's and have since attended a number of retreats and workshops at the Nyingma Institute, in both TSK and Buddhist themes. I participated in the life-changing Human Development Training Program in 1991, and upon returning to Albuquerque co-founded an organization, Friends in Time (with a friend who has Lou Gehrig's Disease), which continues to serve people with similiar disabilities. I contributed an essay to "A New Way of Being"--the last one in the book--in which I describe how learning to honor who I have been has broadened and deepened my openness to present experience. I live in New Mexico with my wife and two sons.
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  1. Eliana Kalaf says:


    I would like to give another approach about intention.

    In my understanding intention is not necessarily concerned with the future. Intention is the mental activity that urges the mind forward. It directs the mind toward what is good, bad or whatever.

    It is about the frame of mind that embraces the living opportunities arising right now.

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