a quake in the bedrock

Sometimes we get a glimpse of how immense knowledge is. Even in the exploration of time and space and knowledge, we are viewing from our particular loupe on reality. And sometimes we glimpse a crack in that loupe that takes it away for a moment and our perspective has a radical view. The earth quaked in california: plates of crust more immense and massive than imagination rolling on plastic, molten rock reveal a knowledge that is figuratively speaking like the other side of the logos of everyday reality. Sure, the logos contains the plates, the planet, beyond, but from the position we ordinarily inhabit, the plates are like another dimension of knowledge, operating in a vaster time and space. This has a very opening effect on me, revealing the rhythms and currents of Time in the playing field of Space in a deeper way.

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  1. Michael Gray says:

    A vivid, powerful image of the dynamic power we try to contain with our surface constructs. I hope no one you know was hurt or lost anything important to them.

    I wonder if I would be able to experience the sense of openness and vastness you describe?

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