Is each thought its own ‘logos’? Its own read-out?

“…the question of whether or not thoughts automatically foreclose the possibility of an appreciative, open knowing…

In that context, consider this statement (TSK 244): “The lower space we live in is not a solid and continuous place. It changes, becoming more or less open, with each single thought.” This quote also raises a separate but deeply important question: is each thought its own ‘logos’? Its own read-out?

It seems to me based on the books and limited experience, there are levels of understanding through time and space. At a first level of knowledge, “first-level space exhibits knowledge in the activity that reports what is known, while first-level time presents knowledge as the witness who verifies the truth of what arises.” KTS 429

So, if I am out with friends at dinner I might report to myself an ongoing internal narrative about the state of my being from a certain myopic perspective, such as, “I am having a good time”, as I feel myself smiling and laughing with others while enjoying the food, conversation, and the company.

At a second-level, “The momentum of time enacts knowledge as ‘read-outs’ that present a governing ‘logos’; the prolific allowing of space ‘establishes’ a ‘field’ within which ‘meaning’ takes shape.

So, from this level I might become aware of mental activity between a single thought impression of “I am having a good time” and laughing, and then evolve into self-examination of what else is happening that moment. At that point I stepped out of or expanded that previous governing logos allowing for a new read-out.

If I allowed a further relaxing of my boundaries of who and where I am or how I felt, Time and Space might continue to open, thought may use first level conventions such as ‘from’ and ‘to’, but these positions are seen through…their power for limiting dissipated.

As knowledge and time and space interact… What is understood as limitation and restriction on one level takes on a wholly different significance at another, until at the third level there is no restriction at all. The dynamic moves toward revealing ever greater wealth—a vastness without borders and a value not bound by distinctions.

…Within the range of perfect, self-attributing openness and unrestricted energy that this interplay invites, Being arises as Time, Space, and Knowledge at play, assuming positions without making them into anything solid. Like light reflecting off itself, experience and experiencer are seen to be equally images of pure transformation. There is an unending flow, an aliveness that is vastly ‘entertaining’ without someone craving entertainment. KTS 429-30

So, thinking out loud, perhaps a thought is a limited read-out within a particular logos in affect at one level, at a higher level, the limited meaning set by that thought and the restrictions of the logos affecting it are seen, which then opens other possibilities. Openness can proliferate in time and space, awareness lights the way, aliveness energizes.

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