Logos and “higher knowing”

In the latest Orientation Jach writes:….knowledge is already available through and as the”logos”. And a little later:…..Such higher knowing shows up at points of breakdown,” internal inconsistency and unresolved mysteries.”

Are breakdowns and mysteries part of the logos. My understanding so far is that the logos is a structure of knowing allowing only specific “things” to be known. Breakdowns and mysteries therefore would not be part of the logos since they appear unstructured, unpredictable and point to a higher knowing, higher than the logos?!

How is your understanding of logos?

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  1. Eliana Kalaf says:

    Hi Klaus,

    My comments from the book WIR is that:

    Access to the logos is central to the second level knowledge, at the same time it opens the possibility of third-level knowledge, which goes beyond cognition.

    The logos encompasses everything, including whatever justifications might be put forward as proof that something can be established apart from the logos.

    Therefore, breakdowns and misteries can be very ordinary happening when we fail to act on our best intentions. This failures can be the door to the second level knowledge.

    Here is my question: are those failures a lack of awareness? Is awareness the door to the logos?

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